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Currently, AICAR has also been shown as a potential treatment for diabetes by increasing the metabolic activity of tissues by changing the physical composition of muscle.  AICAR (commonly under the name Acadesine) is an analog of adenosine that enters cardiac cells to inhibit adenosine kinase and adenosine deaminase. It enhances the rate of nucleotide re-synthesis increasing adenosine generation from adenosine monophosphate only during conditions of myocardial ischemia. In cardiac myocytes, AICA-riboside is phosphorylated to AICA-ribotide (ZMP) to activate AMPK without changing the levels of the nucleotides. ZMP is able to enter the de novo synthesis pathway for adenosine synthesis to inhibit adenosine deaminase causing an increase in ATP levels and adenosine levels.



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6 Benefits of AICAR Peptide for Health

Buy AICAR 50mg Online; AICAR (5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-β-D-ribofuranoside), also referred to as ZMP, is a peptide and an analogue of AMP. It is a substance produced naturally by the body that stimulates AMP-dependent kinase activity, a protein that regulates metabolism. The AMPK-stimulating AICAR is also synthesized by researchers in laboratories for evaluation purposes. Currently, scientists are investigating AICAR’s therapeutic properties to treat various metabolic disorders through preclinical research and human trials.

What is AICAR Peptide?

AICAR is a short peptide that plays a vital role in metabolic pathways and energy homeostasis. It also regulates insulin receptors and enhances muscle cell function with respects to insulin.

According to studies, AICAR peptide hormone offers cancer-fighting properties and cardiovascular-protective properties. It also plays a role in preventing the early stages of blood clotting. For this reason, scientists are keen to continue investigating this protein.

In the 1980s, medical professionals sometimes used AICAR for preserving the heart’s blood flow. Researchers also found that the peptide AICAR shows promise as a diabetes treatment due to its ability of increasing the tissues’ metabolic capability. It does this by modifying muscle composition in the body.

How AICAR Works

Clinical studies show that AICAR makes energy more available in the body. It increases the usage of fat for energy and enables cells to produce more mitochondria – the body’s cells’ energy creators. In short, AICAR peptides ensure the tissues in the body do not run out of energy.

In studies conducted on mice given AICAR, results showed that the subjects could run by 44% without needing any training. So it’s no surprise that athletes are so consumed by this protein. While it isn’t legal for human use due to lack of clinical trials, it hasn’t stopped athletes from using AICAR therapy for enhanced fitness levels.

AICAR is involved in many metabolic pathways of the human body. Researchers believe it can also help in the treatment of several diseases in humans, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

What are the Benefits of AICAR?

Buy AICAR 50mg Online; Muscle Building Properties

One of AICAR’s effects include increasing muscle mass in the body. It is vital not only for increasing muscle growth, but for maintaining muscle mass. In addition, it can prevent muscle loss with aging.

According to a study from McMaster University, AMPK is crucial to slow muscle wasting with aging. Mice lacking this protein in their muscle developed far greater muscle weakness than scientists expected.

These findings show that the AICAR drug could potentially be a future treatment for muscle wastage diseases. Combined with intense exercise, AICAR muscle growth results heighten.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Recent clinical trials[i] show that AICAR plays a vital role in inflammation at the cellular level. AICAR has similar effects to metformin, a long-used diabetes medication which is effective largely due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

AICAR plays a protective role in inflammatory conditions like asthma, colitis, hepatitis, and atherosclerosis. Studies in mice, for instance, indicate that ACIAR could reduce the inflammation in colitis.

Scientists also say AICAR can mediate the effects of autoimmune diseases and various other inflammatory conditions.

Fertility Boosting Effects

Buy AICAR 50mg Online; Research in cats, chickens, and goats shows that AMPK activators such as AICAR can improve sperm motility, metabolism, and fertilizing ability.

AICAR oral exhibits minimal side effects and shows excellent bioavailability in mice. AICAR to buy is limited to research purposes only and not for human consumption. You should only purchase AICAR peptide if you are a licensed medical professional or researcher.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Studies on mice show that both high and low AICAR dosages reduce inflammation in adipose tissue – the connective tissue that stores energy in the form of fat.

Increased insulin resistance is associated with inflammation in fat. By reducing that inflammation, improved glucose homeostasis occurs. AICAR uses several pathways involving SIRT1 and macrophages to impact inflammation in adipose tissue.

Another study on obese monkeys[ii] showed weight loss results and enhanced insulin resistance.

Additional AICAR studies show that both healthy and diabetic mice displayed weakened inflammatory responded in metabolic disorders. Studies also showed that AICAR improves insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, energy homeostasis, and inflammatory symptoms.

Heart Disease Prevention

Buy AICAR 50mg Online; UK USA AUS EU; Heart disease is commonly related to inflammation. Because AICAR anti-inflammatory effects are so potent, it can help reduce the progression of vascular diseases.

Researchers looked into what would happen if they administered AICAR into rabbit models of atherosclerosis. The results showed that AICER supressed vascular smooth muscle proliferation, reducing both short-term and long-term complications of stent placement.

The study also indicates that AICAR activation supresses immune responses that cause atherosclerosis. It is the build-up of bad cholesterol (LDL) that leads to macrophage proliferation, which can eventually lead to heart attack. AICAR can mitigate the proliferation and potentially reduce both heart disease and heart attacks.

Cancer Cell Death

AICAR hormone peptide plays a complex role in the growth of cancer. According to research[iii], it can both slow down and accelerate the growth of tumors, depending on the circumstances.

Prolonged activation of the AMPK enzyme leads to the death of cancer cells by decelerating cancer cell metabolism.

Scientists are also investigating AICAR in conjunction with other chemotherapeutic agents to improve its success. They believe AICAR could:

  • Reduce side effects
  • Improve outcomes for patients with chemo-resistant tumors
  • Enable lower dosing of such drugs

Studies in thyroid cancer cells suggest that AICAR could also cause programmed cell death through the induction of p21 accumulation. Overall, researchers are convinced AICAR can inhibit cancer cell proliferation and survival.

AICAR Side Effects

Buy AICAR 50mg Online; AICAR is an experimental compound that is currently not approved for therapeutic use in humans. While athletes commonly use AICAR for fitness results, it is not officially legal. That’s not because it’s dangerous, but because it hasn’t been extensively studied in humans.

In some cases, the following adverse effects of AICAR may occur:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea

Is AICAR safe? It is considered to be a quite safe drug by researchers. While research is lacking, it’s safe to say that this protein will someday soon find a place in the world of medical treatments. The evidence is too outstanding to say otherwise.

AICAR Review 2020

The bottom line is, AICAR may not be legal to buy for human consumption, but it does show a great deal of promise in treating various medical conditions.

Research is still somewhat lacking, but so far, the facts are clear. AICAR health benefits are profound and too significant to ignore. With the increase in research, scientists hope it will soon be a legal protein to use in order to treat diseases in humans.

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Author info: The information provided in this article was taken from studies carried out by recognized researchers including Yang, Hong, Lingling Zhao, Douglas Stevenson, Mark Bartlett, and Bin Lou, Criscione, L, Spurr, Ian B., Charles N. Birts, Francesco Cuda, Stephen J. Benkovic, Jeremy P. Blaydes, and Ali Tavassoli.

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