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Buy Anti Anxiety Online UK USA EU AUS JAPAN

Buy Anti Anxiety Online; Performance anxiety (also known as situational anxiety) relates to any situation in which you feel anxious when performing. This doesn’t exclusively mean performing in front of an audience or crowd, as it can apply to performing a relatively simple task in public.

This anxiety usually stems from a belief of not being able to perform the task adequately, and then being judged negatively by others as a result.

Performance anxiety is a common condition, which is often classified as a social phobia. Performance anxiety or ‘stage fright’ can affect a wide array of people, including; surgeons, actors, athletes, students, pilots, and public speakers.

Performance anxiety has led some sufferers to abandon successful careers. In other cases, sufferers may choose to self-medicate with alcohol or recreational drugs.

Buy Anti Anxiety Online; Before opting to treat performance anxiety with medication, it may be recommended to attempt non-drug approaches first. This can include cognitive behavior techniques that aim to help the sufferer manage their performance anxiety. These techniques can include performance practice, as the associated anxiety may stem from not having mastered the required skills.

You can also consider using online mental health services, which, in some cases, are available on the NHS. To find out more ask your GP or mental health professional for further information.

Effects of Performance Anxiety

If these techniques prove unsuccessful, using the beta-blocker Propranolol, may be recommended. In some cases, a beta-blocker can also be used to prevent migraines. However, Propranolol has proven highly effective in helping to manage the symptoms of performance anxiety.

If taken an hour before performing, Propranolol will reliably ease symptoms, such as a pounding heart, and trembling voice or hands.

Other beta-blockers are not appropriate for use to help treat performance anxiety as they work in a different way, making them less effective.

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