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Exemestane (trade name Aromasin) is a drug used to treat breast cancer. It is a member of the class of drugs known as aromatase inhibitors. Some breast cancers require estrogen to grow. Those cancers have estrogen receptors (ERs), and are called ER-positive. They may also be called estrogen-responsive, hormonally-responsive, or hormone-receptor-positive. Aromatase is an enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors block the synthesis of estrogen. This lowers the estrogen level, and slows the growth of cancers.



Buy Exemestane (Aromasin)

Firstly Buy Exemestane (Aromasin) Online.  Your medicine is call Exemestane. Exemestane belongs to a group of medicines known as aromatase inhibitors. These drugs interfere with a substance call aromatase, which is need to make the female sex hormones, oestrogens, especially in postmenopausal women. Reduction in oestrogen levels in the body is a way of treating hormone dependent breast cancer. Exemestane is use to treat hormone dependent early breast cancer in postmenopausal women after they have completed 2-3 years of treatment with the medicine tamoxifen. Exemestane is also use to treat hormone dependent advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women when a different hormonal drug treatment has not work well enough.

How to Consume.

Take this medicine by mouth with a glass of water. Follow the directions on the prescription label. Take your doses at regular intervals after a meal. Do not take your medicine more often than directed. Furthermore do not stop taking except on the advice of your doctor or health care professional. Contact your pediatrician regarding the use of this medicine in children. Special care may be needed. Buy Exemestane (Aromasin)

Overdosage:  Also If you think you have taken too much of this medicine contact a poison control center or emergency room at once. NOTE: This medicine is only for you. Do not share this medicine with others.

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