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How To Buy Hexecaine Online UK

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Buy Hexecaine Online UK | Where to Buy Hexecaine Online UK

Hexecaine this product is a proprietary blend consisting of N-Ethyl Hexedrone aka N-E-H, designed to make the research of this compound easier in the lab, making it more akin to other compounds that require a license to study.n-ethylhexedrone,pseudococaine uses, reddit,dimethocaine for sale


Hexecaine consists of N-Ethyl hexedrone and a high purity pharmaceutical grade numbing agent comparable to lidocaine, benzocaine and Novocain. This product does not consist of any other research chemicals nor any other compound with stimulant properties such as caffeine.

Researchers of N-E-H know that the potency of this compound can make measuring the material difficult for research without a high accuracy scale. 

It is for this reason that we have tweaked our manufacturing process in order to create a compound which offers a safer approach to your testing delivering results similar to pre-ban stimulants (4mmc & MDPV) but with guaranteed purity and quality and within the legal boundaries of many western states where a license would otherwise be required. n-ethylhexedrone, pseudococaine uses, reddit, dimethocaine for sale

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We also provide various shipping services that deliver products to our clients in various markets and in many different locations around the globe. 4-Fluorococaine (4-FC)

All products found on this website are sold for the sole purpose of research and education. None of our products is sold for human or animal consumption or for any type of illegal usage.

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