While many tend to report feelings of relaxation, higher emotional resonance with those around them, higher cognitive function or an increase in philosophical thinking while using this type of substance, others have reported much more negative side effects. Some have also been reported through official studies and reports as well.

All products, including the chemical substance MMB-CHMINACA, are sold as research specimens and are not intended for any type of human consumption under any circumstances.



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Firstly, MMB-Chmica Online, MDMB-CHMICA is an indole-base manufactured cannabinoid. That is a powerful agonist of the CB1 receptor and has been sold online as a creator medicate.


Methodical IUPAC Name: (2S)- methyl-2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)- 1 H-indol-3-ylcarbonylamino)- 3,3-dimethylbutanoate

CAS Number: N/A

ChemSpider Number: N/A

Atomic Recipe: C23H32N2O3

Atomic Mass: 384.5 g/mol


(2S)- methyl-2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)- 1 H-indol-3-ylcarbonylamino)- 3,3-dimethylbutanoate

MMB-CHMINACA is an indole-based cannabinoid that imparts some basic likenesses to Abdominal muscle CHMINACA. Yet it has a dimethylbutanoate gathering.

Essentially more prominent in-vitro restricting affinities than a significant number of the ebb and flow cannabinoids.

Also, scientists should consider when cautiously arranging their analyses and the measure of material to convey onto cell substrates.

The gathering of manufacture cannabinoids is assorted, and new items are regularly added to the rundown and introduce to the overall network.

The entry of MMB-CHMINACA to the scene cause unordinary measure of consideration because of interesting highlights this concoction has.

While this indole-based cannabinoid isn’t excessively far off from Abdominal muscle CHMINACA. (except for a dimethylbutanoate gathering).

its speculated effect on the CB1 and CB2 receptors is far more ground per unit. requiring littler amount of dynamic substance to meet the goal of the trial.

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MMB-Chmica Online; resembles a white powder, appropriate for safe stockpiling and taking care of within a research facility.

Formally characterized by the exceptionally perplexing concoction equation (2S)- methyl-2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)- 1 H-indol-3-ylcarbonylamino)- 3,3-dimethylbutanoate,

this engineer cannabinoid is fresh out of the plastic new available and appreciates incredible interest from global scientists right now.

Its sub-atomic recipe is C23H32N2O3 and its sub-atomic mass stands at 384.5 g/mol.

Novel synthetic concoctions, for example, MMB-CHMINACA ought to be treat with outrageous alert and estimate in all respects correctly, considering high virtue that is standard for the majority of our conveyances.

MMB-CHMINACA (MDMB-CHMINACA) is an indole base cannabinoid that imparts some auxiliary likenesses to Stomach muscle CHMINACA however it has a dimethylbutanoate gathering.

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