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DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: It has been estimated that impotence (erectile dysfunction, ED) affects 140 million men worldwide. Over half of all men with impotence are thought to have some physical (medical) cause. The remainder are believed to have psychogenic causes of impotence. Medical causes of impotence include diabetes and circulatory, neurological, or urological conditio



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Buy Viagra (sildenafil) 50mg UK US AUS GERMANY

Buy sildenafil 50mg | Where to Buy sildenafil 50mg

Buy sildenafil 50mg;  is a medicine use to treat erectile dysfunction (commonly known as impotence). Viagra and Sildenafil are the same drug; Sildenafil is the active ingredient contain in the brand product Viagra.

Pfizer manufacture the brand Viagra product and last year their patent ran out allowing other manufacturers to supply the drug.

A number of companies now make Sildenafil meaning that the price has come down substantiallys. We  only supplies Sildenafil products from UK and USA license manufacturers.

How To USE Viagra (sildenafil) 50mg

Buy sildenafil 50mg; should be swallowed whole with water around one hour before sexual intercourse.

The starting dose is 50mg but this can be increase to 100mg if the 50mg dosage is not effective enough.

For patients who experience side effects, 25mg dosage can also be taken. If taken with food, particularly a meal with a high fat content, it can take longer for the medicine to start working.

For this medicine to work to its full effect, it is advise not to drink alcohol as alcohol can impair erectile function.

Buy sildenafil 50mg; You must not take more than 100mg daily of Sildenafil/ Viagra.

Clinical trials have found that doses of 200mg did not result in increase efficacy but the incidence of adverse reactions.(dizziness, headache, flushing, nasal congestion, dyspepsia and altered vision) were increased.

There have also been reports of rhabdomyolysis (a breakdown in skeletal muscle tissue the byproducts of which can lead to kidney failure). visual perception changes, vertebral artery dissection (a tear in the artery supplying blood to the brain), heart attacks and aggressive behaviour in patients taking more than 100mg daily.

Buy sildenafil 50mg;If the 100mg strength doesn’t work for you, please contact us or your local GP as there may be underlying conditions that are causing this and there may be alternatives you can try.

We recommend that all men taking medicine for ED have regular tests for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and hormone imbalances