• Active ingredient- Somatropin (HGH)
  • Manufacturer- Ely Lilly
  • strength- 36iu (12mg)
  • Dosage type- Injection
  • Quantity- 1 Pen


80 / 100

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what is humatrope?

Humatrope is an injection for adults that is specifically designed to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults as a result of common conditions such as trauma, radiation therapy, hypothalamic disease, and pituitary disease. After receiving the somatropin injection, patients may experience prolonged energy, stronger bone density, increase skin elasticity, and much more.

For those wanting to know more about what is Humatrope, read below to receive some insight into this common human growth hormone medication.Humatrope  Humatrope

Who should use Humatrope?

Adults who are suffering from conditions like chronic kidney failure, Turner syndrome, and Noonan syndrome may be experiencing a growth hormone deficiency. HGH injections can replenish the proper amount of growth hormone in the body. In small doses, somatropin injections can promote optimal recovery, aging, and overall health.

How does Humatrope  work?

After prescribing Humatrope for adults to the patient, the primary care provider will demonstrate proper usage of the medication.

  • Patients should only self-inject the medication when they feel completely comfortable
  • Avoid injecting the medication into the same area two times in a row
  • The medication bottle should not ever be shaken.
  • Do not use the medication if there are particles or noticeable cloudiness in the vial Humatrope

Do I need a prescription for Humatrope?

Most vials of this human growth hormone injection contain 5 mg somatropin, 25 mg mannitol, 5 mg glycine, and 1.13 mg dibasic sodium phosphate.  The patient needs to use a syringe and needle when injecting human growth hormone from a vial.

Somatropin injections are also available in small cartridges for easy use as a pen.

Who should NOT take this medication?

While Humatrope for adults can be prescribed for most people with a human growth hormone deficiency, the somatropin injections are not recommended for people suffering from the following conditions

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